Upload your data files

Fill out the form below and click the "Upload File" button. Your file will be uploaded and a notification will be sent to alert SEC that a new file is available.

File Types

DBF Files: This is a standard database file.

Text Files:

  • Tab-Delimited or Comma-Delimited: Header should be first record, or a file layout should be included with data.
  • Fixed Field File: A record layout including field lengths must be included with this type of file.
  • Excel File: We can receive files in excel format but it is not the preferred file type. Excel can cause issues with numeric fields as well as inserting strange characters when text has been wrapped within a field. If sending excel please be sure that there is no wrapping with fields.

Physical Media

If you prefer not to upload your file, we can accept a variety of media types including CD/DVD, USB Flash drives, and external hard drives. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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